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Serge Lancel (1999). Hannibal. It is not until after the Danish invasions that it becomes easier to draw a distinction between the burhs that served as military strongholds for national defence and the royal vills which served no such purpose. Many causes tended to create peculiar conditions in the boroughs built for national defence. Municipal boroughs ceased to be used for the purposes of local government in 1974, with borough status retained as an honorific title granted by the Crown. The ancient boroughs were a historic unit of lower-tier local government in England and Wales. Ancient boroughs were reformed by the Municipal Corporations Act 1835, which introduced directly elected corporations and allowed the incorporation of new industrial towns. The ancient boroughs covered only important towns and were established by charters granted at different times by the monarchy. Their history is largely concerned with the origin of such towns and how they gained the right of self-government. The third sign appears a few hundred meters before the exit, providing the destination name and a right tilted arrow.

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